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In the past few years, Damen Shiprepair Götaverken (DSGö) has been confronted with a number of unfavourable international developments and market-circumstances. The combined effects of these developments have led the shareholder and the management to wind down the activities at the Gothenburg shipyard.

The depressed situation of the Scandinavian shipping market, the increased number of Baltic repair docks and the appreciation of the Swedish Krona (SEK) in relation to other currencies are a few of the reasons for the controlled winding down of the shipyard.

In the past few months, the management has reviewed the possibilities of continuing its operations and has taken action accordingly. However, even with the following reorganisation, the management has concluded that it is no longer possible to keep the yard open on the basis of a sustainable business plan.

The management wants to stress that the quality of the workforce is in no way related to this process and its resulting decision. Their skills and dedication have been instrumental in the successes of the yard, both in good and bad times.

The management has appointed a liquidator as of today. Amongst other tasks, the liquidator will ensure that the process will be compliant with all applicable Swedish rules and regulations with respect to the stakeholders.

Monica Svenner,
Managing Director Damen Shiprepair Götaverken

Press Release 14-08-28

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